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Achieve Your Perfect Tan with Superior Tan and Wellness

At Superior Tan and Wellness, we offer a range of tanning bed options to suit your unique needs and tanning goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a base tan or an experienced tanner seeking a deep, long-lasting glow, we have the perfect bed for you.

Our Tanning Beds

We have three different levels of tanning beds available, including a stand-up option, each designed to provide optimal results.

Bronze Package (Level 1)

  • Intensity: Low-intensity
  • Exposure Time: Up to 20 minutes maximum
  • Best For: Starting your first tan of the year or maintaining your current tan. These beds have a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimal melanin production.
  • Value: Our best value option, perfect for budget-conscious tanners.

Level 2: Advanced Bed

  • Intensity: 2x as strong as conventional beds
  • Exposure Time: Up to 15 minutes maximum
  • Best For: Achieving a base tan 2-3 times faster than standard beds. These beds use a combination of low-pressure lamps and high-pressure facials to darken your base melanin for a deeper, richer color in less time.

Level 3: High-Performance Bed

  • Intensity: 3x as strong as conventional beds
  • Exposure Time: Up to 13 minutes maximum
  • Best For: Getting a darker, longer-lasting tan while staying cool and comfortable. These beds have a higher concentration of UVA rays and lower UVB rays to reduce the risk of sunburn. They also feature built-in air conditioning for a more comfortable tanning experience.
Why Choose

Our Tanning Beds?

Personalized Tanning

With multiple levels of tanning beds, you can customize your tanning experience to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Efficient and Effective

Our advanced beds allow you to achieve a beautiful tan faster and with longer-lasting results.

Comfort and Convenience

Enjoy a comfortable tanning session with features like built-in air conditioning and stand-up options for full-body coverage.

Safe and Reliable

Our beds are designed to minimize the risk of sunburn while providing a consistent, even tan.

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